Premier EP Post Dyes

Post dyes can be used following any of our lacquers to achieve almost any colour that is required. The beauty of the post dye process is that they produce a very consistent colour, are very easy to operate and control, unlike the in-tank dye products. Another advantage is that only 1 lacquer tank is required and the customer can then have numerous post dye tanks producing a large variety of finishes. The standard range of Post Dyes include Brass, Gold, Bronze, Black, however it is possible to use variations of these colours to match any finish required.

All of the post dye colours are named Premier EP (colour for eg. Brass) Post Dye.

Depending on the operating conditions used the intensity of the colour can be changed, a shorter immersion time at a lower temperature, and, or strength will lead to a paler colour than a longer immersion time at a higher temperature, and, or strength of dye.